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BayKeeper was founded in 1989 on the principle that our waterways are common property owned by all who use and enjoy them. Baykeeper acts as the watchdog of the San Francisco Bay-Delta watershed, fighting to stop the theft of our waterways by polluters.

Patrolling the Bay-Delta by boat and by land, Baykeeper seeks to stop illegal pollution and works with governments, urging better regulations and stricter pollution permits. Baykeeper is the last line of defense in the battle to protect and restore the waters of the Bay-Delta watershed.

Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.

Represented by over 40,000 members and 60 local chapters in the US, the Surfrider Foundation also has affiliations in Australia, Japan, France, and Brazil. keeps a finger on the pulse of the open water swimming world around the globe.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the news of what’s happening or if you’re interested in finding an event world wide, is the website to visit. 

CytoSport Products for Endurance Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Cytomax provides hydration, steady burning calories, electrolytes and performance enhancers during exercise so you don't bonk, dehydrate, or succumb to lactic acid burn.

Pre-Formance gives your body easily digestible calories and performance agents that you can drink right before you exercise without the risk of digestive distress that comes from solid foods.

Gulp 'N Go provides a quick and convenient boost of energy and performance agents for extended training.

Recovery provides a concentrated, easily digestible source of nutrients designed specifically for recovery from sustained exercise, helping you restore muscle glycogen levels and rebuild broken down muscle tissue.

For the past 15 years, we have spent countless hours designing Ironman Wetsuits with one goal in mind – make swimmers faster.

Beginning this year we will continue to design the world’s fastest Ironman Wetsuits … but our company has a new name.

70% of the world is covered in water. No lane lines, no chlorine, no walls. Whether you are starting your first triathlon, doing your 10th Ironman or swimming in lakes, rivers or oceans, know that we are right there with you.

We are now called blue seventy.

The official wetsuit of Ironman.


Clif Bar uses healthy ingredients, such as organic rolled oats, organic roasted soybeans, organic milled flaxseed and organic soy flour.

All 14 CLIF BAR flavors are made with 70% organic ingredients with a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

SwimTrek is the world's only swimming adventure holiday operator, running swimming tours to Croatia, Greece,  Malta, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the British Isles.  Swim Trek goes island or lake hopping following routes of cultural, historical and geographical significance. Pools are great for training, but nothing beats open water swimming holidays for fun, freedom and for a great feeling of achievement. All locations have been chosen for their excellent water quality. SwimTrek swimming holidays are suitable for most standards of swimmers, so why not experience something different and exciting?

USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the multi-sport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and winter triathlon in the United States.

USA Triathlon coordinates and sanctions grass-roots and elite multi-sport events across the country and works to create interest and participation in those programs.

USA Triathlon’s 60,000-strong membership is comprised of athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans striving together to strengthen multi-sport. USA Triathlon's mission is to provide excellence in leadership, structure and education for the growth and development of the sport.

USA Triathlon's vision is to set the standard of excellence as a world leader in the sport by promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging participation and achievement.

Sports Basement does little to no traditional marketing.  The word-of-mouth referrals of happy customers pleased as pie by their latest Sports Basement score have been at the heart of Sports Basement’s phenomenal growth and success.

They offer incredibly low prices – low because they buy overstock and excess inventory from quality manufacturers and pass along the savings to you, the sports enthusiast.  

Since 1946, Capurro's Restaurant has been family owned and operated. Recently remodeled, Capurro's offers a traditional Fisherman's Wharf menu reminiscent of their Italian heritage.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner they feature only the freshest locally caught seafood seven days a week from 7am to 10pm.

Featuring their own three piece band, five nights a week, dedicated to the music of the Golden Era, Capurro's offers a dining experience unlike any other!

MotionBased is a web application that translates GPS data into functional analysis and online mapping for endurance and other athletes.

Online Journal & Reports - Browse organized digest of workouts and create customized reports.

Chart and Data Analysis – Analyze key performance metrics and break out activities into defined splits.

Maps and Elevation Profiles – View routes on a variety of maps and simulate activities with media controls.

The Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge is an exciting Polynesian outrigger Canoe Race where athletes and paddling clubs from around the world brave the challenging waters of San Francisco Bay.

The course is exciting with ships and sea lions, yachts and windsurfers, steep chop, strong tidal currents, varying weather conditions, and chilling waters.

The views of the City landmarks are spectacular and the fleet very competitive.

Cable Car Charters offer a one-of-a-kind San Francisco experience. More than just transportation, these unique and beautiful motorized theme vehicles provide color, fun and flair.

You'll find no factory formed fiberglass here. Each vehicle is hand crafted with solid oak, heavy brass railings and painted maroon with 22-carat gold leaf lettering and scrolls.

Add the ring of the solid brass Cable Car Bell and you're off on an exciting adventure.

Swim Across America is a 501c (3) non-profit organization that focuses on raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment.  2006 will mark its 20th anniversary. During that time, they have grown from a single event in Nantucket, MA., to ten events in four major metropolitan areas. To date they have raised over $13.5 million. Their major research beneficiaries: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Boston, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - New York, Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Institute – Chicago and Children’s Hospital of New York – recognize Swim Across America funding as instrumental to their success. Without Swim Across America, much of their research would go unfunded.

Swim Across America is unique in many ways. On one hand, their swims are high profile events that attract Olympic legends, hopefuls, rising swimming stars and recreational swimmers who all raise money and awareness for cancer research. On the other hand, it is a grassroots fundraising event that belongs just as much to the sponsors and volunteers as it does to the swimmers. Either way, Swim Across America enables everyone involved to experience the thrill of victory because everybody wins when the race is to find a cure for cancer. By supporting current work on the front lines of cancer research, you can help pave the way towards innovative treatments for tomorrow.

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